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The Namib Desert, oldest desert known to man is most accessible along the central coastal area and warrants exploring.The dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay  although narrow in comparison to the dunes south of the Kuiseb that reach up to 120km inland , is home to many of the specially adapted endemic life forms found in the Namib Desert. A guided tour will show you why it is called a "Living Desert".The gravel plains covered in Lichen ,the Welwitchia plant, Moonlandscape and Swakop River Canyon adds to this attraction.The sight of dunes rising out of the sea at Sandwich Harbour,birdlife found in the lagoon and wetlands all adding to make the central coast of Namibia a must on any itinerary.

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Coastal Day Tours are a selection of either half-day or full day tours that cover the tourist attractions along the central coast of Namibia. Some of these tours are to areas only accessible with 4x4 vehicles.

A full day tour to Spitzkoppe (the 2nd highest mountain in Namibia) is also included. A trip to Brandberg ( the highest mountain in Namibia ) can also be arranged as day tour.



Sandwich Harbour: ( Full Day Tour)

The sight of dunes rising out of the sea,the adrenaline rush of dune driving, the beauty of the scenery and visiting a declared Ramsar site all makes this full day tour a must on any itinerary.


Cape Cross/Lichen Fields:

The first European has set foot onto Namibian soil in 1485 here and it is also home to the biggest breeding colony of Cape Fur Seals. The Lichen fields cover vast tracks of the Namib Desert.


Coastal Towns and surrounds:

The tour covers both coastal towns,places of interest and museums. The surrounding areas are the coast between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, the dunes and lagoon and Salt Works at Walvis Bay.


Namib Scenic Drive:(Full Day Tour)

This full day tour covers a selected route into the Namib section of the Namib-Naukluft Park.The route takes you through everchanging landscapes,rock formations,and to one of the most unusual plants of the Namib Desert , the Welwitchia mirabilis and much more.


Welwitchia Drive:

This tour takes you to some of the wonders of the Namib Desert and you will have a chance to view the Moon Landscape,see the lichen fields and visit one of the most unusual plants , Welwitchia mirabilis.The Swakop river canyon adds to this tour with very interesting rock formations and scenery.


Angling Tours:

The nutient rich waters of the Namibian coast make for one of the best shore fishing destinations in the world. You can fish for cob, West Coast steenbras,galjoen, etc from the shore. Bottom fishing can also be done from skiboats.

Catching a Copper Shark can be a test of strenght and stamina, various other shark species are in abundance.


Living Desert Tour:

The Namib Desert being the oldest desert on earth have some specially adapted animal life. This tour will take you into the coastal dunebelt and the scenery coupled with finding the small hidden life  of the Namib "sand diving lizard,palmato gecko,namaqua chameleon,sidewinder snake,fog basking beetle "making it a very interesting tour. The adrenaline rush of dune driving adds to this experience. This tour is done in co-operation with Tommy Collard of Tommy's Tours.


Spitzkoppe Rock Art :(Full Day Tour)

Visit the "Materhorn" of Africa ,the second highest mountain in Namibia and a challenge to rock climbers. View the Rockart of the old inhabitants of this area at Bushmen's Paradise. The scenery ,rock formations ,rock art and birdlife makes this a very interesting tour.

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